Monday, October 17, 2016

The power of social media

Social Transformation 
           This innovation video below is about the power of the social media. The theme for the talk was transformation brought by the Internet, communication and social media. The video describes how the Internet has changed communication and potentially transformed the world. Transformation is changing for the better.


 The speaker mentioned that transformation occupies emotional space for both individuals and the organization. For the individual,  transformation change the way we live, helps us to be happy, enable us to connect to the community. For the organization, the transformation helps to change business process and business model, innovation and profitable. Innovation can be incremental or breakthrough innovation (Davila, et. al., 2014). Though transformation brings change, implementing change is difficult because people will normally do what they always do. For people to change, they need to share the idea they have. The sharing of the idea means communication with each other. The Internet and social media have been a vehicle for transformation.

History of Communication
The speaker also discussed the medium of communication at the beginning of the twenty century. The modern mass communication started with the printers and printing press at the beginning of the twentieth century (Shirky, 2009). The printing press printed newspapers and newspapers were the media of communication. The communication was one-way communication. The readers and were consumers of the news. The majority of the society could not share their idea. The elite created news and disseminates to the people (Shirky, 2009). This next era was telephone and telegraph. The telephone has been very effective, and it is still used today because if foster communication between two individuals and considered private. It is a two-way communication. The next generation of the medium of communication was the radio and television. The radio and television have the same characteristics in the communication were one way and top down communication. The Internet and the social media as a medium of communication have transformed the way information created and shared. Social media is an undeniable force in the world today. An example of social media applications is Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp's and much more.

The Internet, Social Media, and Communication
The Internet and the social are two forces that have impacted innovation. With the Internet and social media as a tool, anyone is capable of creating news and communication the news to a wider audience.The audience is the world population.  In this new era, a network of individuals will be able to create information rather than the elite who force news on the people. Anybody at any part of the world can join a conversation and contribute to ideas.

The Internet, Social Media, and Innovation.
The Internet and social media have transformed the world into a global village. People around the world can have friends anywhere in the world. Business has larger customers for their product and services. The rapid growth of knowledge and communication across the world means that hundreds of people with outstanding ideas can share them, and develop them which will lead to transformation and innovation. Social media facilitate fast communication and information sharing, help citizens in repressive regimes to report on real news, bypassing information censorship and ended top down communication (Shirky, 2009). 

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